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The S'agapo Store and Growthify services

E-commerce has never been stronger and continues to grow every year. For this reason, the European Social Label has developed a platform for all members around the world called the S'agapo Store. The platform is a platform for platforms, with the members' product and service offering in the first place. Then comes Growthify, which allows buyers and sellers to make a deal no matter where in the world they are, with equal business solutions that work the same for everyone. The services are part of the European Social Label but are used in all divisions.

The video service Meetiz

A video conferencing service completely without restrictions with a focus on security. With the usual possibilities such as sharing a screen, documents and streaming via Youtube, Meetiz also gives members the opportunity to 'brand' their own version of Meetiz with their brand and logo and you can call it a video meeting instead of having to use another company name at every occurance. The service is linked to its own domain and works on all platforms without the need to install any app.

Services categorized as 'digital tools'

Through the World Social Label Institute and the European Social Label's foundation EUSL Foundation, a number of good services have been developed completely free of charge for members. Among other things, it moves you as a full-fledged version of Workplace by Facebook, which is a communication tool for entrepreneurs and SuiteCRM, which has been named the world's best CRM system for several years in a row. The services and range of services are developed every week and provide a good basis for also networking and developing the company. Surveys that have been done show that the corresponding services for a non-member amount to just over SEK 4,000 per month. The services are part of the membership and can be read more about at the European Social Label.