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A new generation

A new generation of people

There's something big going on

Reduced rivalry

It is perhaps above all the younger population whose views have developed and the older ones have been left behind. Bitter rivals are today each other's biggest fans. It has shown itself to the public from its very best side in sports where competitors in the same branch cheer, pay tribute and lift each other instead of standing separately. 

Increased community

Instead of soiling and using so-called "trash talk", you work together and by lifting each other new goals are achieved. Probably the key word is just "together" also to solve the exclusion of Sweden, Europe and the world. A society that includes everyone, regardless of who we are, will be a sustainable society. 

Everyone's right to love whoever you want

With the exception of a few countries within the EU, it is now accepted that you can and should be allowed to express love for the person you love, regardless of gender, skin color, religious beliefs, functional variation or anything else. It has been a slow development but in the future it will only go faster. 

Everyone's right to contribute according to their own ability

Most people agree that more workers are better than fewer in many ways. Digitization makes it easier in many ways for more people to have the opportunity to work both with what they are passionate about as well as to their own ability. It is a verification that welfare is constantly improving.

Increased consumption no obstacle

Most people know and have accepted that the total population of the earth lives on its own resources. At the same time, the EU suffers from both labor shortages and population shortages with increased social costs in order to maintain the current standard, not develop it. Therefore, it is positive to see the new generation of residents consuming consciously and smarter. It will be the key to solving both the environmental problem as well as the exclusion. 

Innovation creates solutions

The EU is the part of the world that has the absolute highest standard of living in the world. When the population lives smarter, it creates surge effects, rings on the water, even outside the external borders. The Western world's innovations create jobs in poorer countries while we become better at taking care of what already exists. Modern society talks about sustainability and climate neutrality, but within the World Social Label Institute we talk about positivity instead.

A new generation

Positivity a part of the new society

The new man wants to do right by himself, according to his own conditions. There is a desire to consume more and smarter if it drives the development of society in a positive direction and there is a desire to work at a company that takes social responsibility. Attire, functional variations or religious affiliation play less of a role and the individual's ability to express himself becomes a clearer right that more people choose to use. The new person wants to give of himself when possible, lift others and contribute where possible. The new person wants to be free but without it affecting anyone else.