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World Social Label Care to Change the World

How we, together with business, solve the biggest challenge of our time; The outsider in society


World Social Label
- an introduction

World Social Label, sometimes abbreviated WOSL, is one of four top organizations whose main task is to combat exclusion on a local, regional, national and transnational level. The keys lie in bringing together the private and the idea-driven sector, and the goal is that it should be economically sustainable and economically profitable to work for a better society. 

"The goal is to create a completely new ecosystem for social integration, gender equality and inclusion in society"


Other four top organizations for a range of complete community functions

World Social Label Charity

The surplus from World Social Label, Trade and Core is donated to the World Social Label Charity, which in turn carries out what are called social efforts in society. These efforts are defined and determined by the members associated with World Social Label. We call it Charity as a business, CaaB.

World Social Label Trade

One world, one people but so many invisible borders and barriers to cross. Transnational trade and transnational relations are no exception and within World Social Label Trade everything that is cross-border is handled for members of World Social Label.

World Future Label 

Education is the main key to tomorrow's barrier-free society. It does not matter if it is Sweden, Poland, Germany, Taiwan or Sudan. The challenges are different but the solution, a greater commitment among small business owners and education for the individual, is the same regardless.

World Social Label Core

Implementation in our own businesses is our solution to quality assurance of what we offer our members. By using the same tools for both ourselves and members, we always know what works in practice. Here we also compete on equal terms.


An inclusive business community for an equal society A modern solution to an outdated problem

Here, a toolbox is created for the business community to make it attractive to work with people in isolation. The toolbox includes everything from award-winning CRM systems, templates for websites, free video services without restrictions to sales platforms and equal payment services, educational programs and even participation in society through the EUSL Foundation. Everything is part of a single membership. The World Social Label Institute reports all income so that members can clearly see exactly where their membership fee goes. Perhaps the best is saved in the end: All members are involved and decide where their membership fee should be used for. It is not possible to say the same about today's tax-based financial system and one of the objectives is to change this.


Our concept The idea-driven sector

The starting point is the idea-driven sector that does a fantastic job for our fellow human beings. The World Social Label wants to bring it together with the private sector to bring the best of both worlds. According to the Riksdag, there are just over 300 work-integrating, social enterprises in Sweden, and according to Statistics Sweden, there are just over 1.1 million private companies of all sizes. Imagine if the private sector could do a small part of what the idea-driven sector does. Then the exclusion and its associated costs would probably decrease significantly for society. 

The idea-driven sector is vital for many people who for some reason are further away from the labor market. Today, there is a great shortage of social enterprises and with the rising unemployment, there is a good reason to focus on these as well. In Sweden, there is a need to develop a new company form for idea-driven entrepreneurs and its employees.

Through their own company form, idea-driven companies can have their own raison d'être, as it is today, these companies can commit offenses according to the Swedish Companies Act if they do not write an exception in their memorandum of association that they want to focus on the idea-driven idea. 

For many who are new or back in the job market, today's pace and demands can be a difficult challenge. Then the idea-driven sector is a great opportunity and within the World Social Label and the European social Label, we want as many of these activities to emerge as possible.

Our concept The private sector

Approximately 1.1 million private companies operate in Sweden and a total of just over 24 million in the European Union, the EU. The World Social Label Institute, with the European Social Label in Sweden and the EU, wants to make it easy and flexible, especially for small businesses, to work with people in isolation. As it is today, it is often a complicated process against authorities, it is associated with some hesitation from a societal aspect and it is often something that is considered a cost.

The disadvantage of the idea-driven sector versus the private sector is that in the latter many remain and in practice block places for others who also need a chance to enter working life, for the first time or again. With the right tools, new opportunities are created for small businesses around Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world to work with people in isolation. Membership in the World Social Label Institute and European Social Label also provides the opportunity to make it profitable through active marketing, brand development and services that are both better and cheaper than many other alternatives.

We call the reasoning RoomsWithoutanAppointment, a room without a meeting, which aims to make any place in society accessible to anyone, regardless of religion, functional variation, orientation or need to have a reason. to stay at the place in question. 

World Social Labels Cabinet

Because the world looks very different wherever you are, the World Social Label Institute has chosen to divide the world into four cabinets. Each cabinet is then divided into a varying number of divisions, all of which have different orientations. The divisions and their orientations are applied there in reverse, from the bottom up and start locally and go there by regional, national or, states or provinces. The smallest component is called Market Areas, which benefit the divisions for each focus, and each market area has access to the same toolbox. What differs is how the members choose to use the said toolbox. Some will focus more on education, others on digital services, a third on social services. The purpose is ultimately the same: To create a better society for everyone to live and work in. 


African Social Label

Opens 2024


American Social Label

Opens 2024


Asian Social Label

Opens 2024


European Social Label



The World Social Label List A network for the private sector with the goal of a more equal and inclusive society

World Future Label The list is aimed at community-supporting organizations and businesses that can reinforce what World Future Label does. Here, it is a matter of course that it is not about competition or taking a customer from someone else. The purpose is something bigger than ourselves and we see no prestige in it. Instead, the problem is so much bigger that there is enough for everyone who wants to join and when a new organization becomes a member here, everyone instead becomes stronger. All services that are normally included in the World Social Label are also included in the World Future Label and through this we want to strengthen and bridge the differences that exist, mainly to the private sector. 


Services and products


Goals and vision

Everyone can end up in exclusion. There is war, poverty, famine but there are also other reasons to be in exclusion. Exclusion can be not getting a job or not being able to make yourself understood. Exclusion can be having to flee your country because you love a person that someone else is definitely wrong. Try making a presentation for the deaf, preferably in sign language, or creating a production for the blind, or putting food on the table for the family the days before pay. Exclusion is everywhere in society. It is not something that just comes to us. Are you an entrepreneur and want both society to get better and find more tools to become stronger? Contact us and let us find out what you need.


CONTACT US We always want to hear from you! Praise, criticism, suggestions, comments, no matter what, are equally welcome. Contact us by email, phone or why not send us a message directly via Messenger

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